AWS D1.4

AWS D1.4 is a standard published by the American Welding Society (AWS) for the certification of structural steel welders. This standard establishes requirements for the certification of welders, including minimum qualifications for performing welding work, requirements for practical and written examinations, and requirements for the supervision and inspection of welding work.

This standard is relevant to all types of welding in structural steelwork, including the use of nitrogen and argon shielding gases, flux cored welding, and processes such as MIG, TIG, submerged arc and flux cored arc welding.

The objective of AWS D1.4 is to provide a uniform and consistent framework for the certification of welders, ensuring that welders have the skills and knowledge required to perform high quality and safe welding in structural steelwork.

Brief insight into the standard

  • Chapter 1: Scope This chapter defines the scope of AWS D1.4 and describes the type of steel construction welding work to which the standard applies.
  • Chapter 2: Reference Standards This chapter lists the reference standards required for the application of the standard. These include standards for welding procedures, materials, filler metals and other relevant standards.
  • Chapter 3: Definitions Gives definitions of the main terms and abbreviations used in the standard.
  • Chapter 4: Qualification requirements for welders This chapter defines the minimum qualifications for welders required to obtain certification. This includes requirements for the practical examination, the written examination and the evidence of experience.
  • Chapter 5: Qualification requirements for supervisors This chapter sets out the minimum qualifications for supervisors required to carry out the inspection and supervision of welding work.
  • Chapter 6: Testing and certification of welders This chapter describes the procedure for the examination and certification of welders, including the requirements for the practical and written examination.
  • Chapter 7: Employer responsibilities This chapter sets out the employer’s responsibilities in the examination and supervision of welding work.
  • Chapter 8: Certification body responsibilities This chapter describes the responsibilities of the certification body in the verification and certification of welders.
  • Chapter 9: Verification and supervision of welding work This chapter describes the procedure for the inspection and supervision of welding work, including the responsibilities of the supervisor.
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